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Metal Roofing Cambridge – Saffron Walden

Metal Roofing Saffron Walden Cambridge Roofers were contacted by the client (Adnams Wine Merchant) to undertake an investigation of ongoing ingress occurring through the roof of the premises. A site inspection revealed a tired and almost dilapidated asbestos corrugated roof with numerous age-related cracks across the surface area. It was deemed to be past its […]

Metal Roofing Cambridge – Euroclad Vieo System – Soham

Metal Roofing Cambridge – The client contacted Cambridge Roofers Ltd to advise and supply a quotation for the best possible roofing system to achieve the visual finish depicted in the architect’s drawings. After some deliberating and exchanges, it was decided that a coated steel standing seam would offer a similar performance specification of 25 years […]

Roofing Cambridge – EPDM Flat Roof – Camside

Roofing Cambridge – OBSERVATIONS: Cambridge Roofers were contacted by Pocock and Shaw estate agents to investigate ingress in a property at Camside in Cambridge. The ingress is entering through a ceiling light of the front porch. The flat roof above was clad in asphalt and had failed. RECOMMENDATIONS / PROPOSED WORKS: Cambridge Roofers proposed to refurbish […]

Cambridge Roofing – Flat Roof – EPDM – Hills Road

Cambridge Roofing – Cambridge Roofers were contacted by an existing client to assess and advise on the refurbishment of their dilapidated double garage roof.  Having used Cambridge Roofers before to install an EPDM roof, they opted for our 25-year EPDM Firestone System. New timber joists, fascias and guttering were also installed.

Roofing Cambridge – Pitched to Flat Roof Conversion

Roofing Cambridge – OBSERVATIONS: There are two adjoining sections of roof on the property that were inspected. A garage flat roof which intersects with a mono-pitch ‘lean-to’ roof that covers the porch area. The garage roof comprises a bituminous mineral felt with pre-fabricated steel joists and ‘stramit’ boards form the substrate. The roof had clearly […]

Roofing Cambridge – Slating

ROOFING CAMBRIDGE: OBSERVATIONS: Through a recommendation, Cambridge Roofers were contacted to undertake roofing works on Isaacson road. The property originally had Stonewold Mark II concrete interlocking tiles. The client was interested in changing the appearance of the roof to slates. At a pitch of 18 degrees, the roof could not accommodate most slates so a large […]

Roofing Cambridge – Flat Roofing – Girton

Roofing Cambridge – Flat Roofing Cambridge Roofers were contacted to inspect a failed GRP roof. The membrane had been installed in poor weather conditions leading to the resin not curing sufficiently and eventually resulting in water penetration, especially around the skylights. The client opted for a single ply EPDM re-covering with rubber walkway tiles. DESCRIPTION […]

Cambridge Roofing – EPDM – Girton

Cambridge Roofing – Cambridge Roofing – The client contacted Cambridge Roofers to assess an old flat roof over swimming pool that was leaking.  The client reported that a number of previous contractors had assessed the roof but failed to follow up with quotations for the work.  The membrane comprised of a PVC heat-welded single-ply that […]

Cambridge Roofing – EPDM – Nuffield Road

Cambridge Roofing Through recommendation, the client called Cambridge Roofers to come and assess a newly installed garage conversion roof that had failed. Upon surveying the roof, it was apparent that a number of design flaws had caused the roof to fail.  To make matters worse, the client’s poorly installed roof was causing ingress and damage […]

Flat Roofing Cambridge – EPDM – Hills Road

Flat Roofing Cambridge Cambridge Roofers were asked to carry out a survey and provide recommendations for the refurbishment of a failed asphalt flat roof on Hills road Cambridge.  The client had instructed previous contractors to refurbish the roof with a liquid overlay but there was no evidence of this and it had clearly failed. The […]

Cambridge Flat Roofing – EPDM Flat Roof – Barhill

Flat Roofing Cambridge Cambridge Roofers were contacted on a recommendation from a previous customer and asked to survey and provide a quotation for a single ply flat roof.  The existing mineral felt had failed and a customer was well informed about what flat roofing solution they wanted. The roof did not form more than 50% […]

Cambridge Flat Roofing – EPDM – Windermere Close

EPDM Flat Roofing Cambridge – Windermere Close On referral from a previous customer, Cambridge Roofers surveyed a flat roof covering a loft extension.  The reinforced mineral felt had failed and was allowing water ingress into the underlying bedroom space. The client opted for a full refurbishment upon recommendation from Cambridge Roofers. DESCRIPTION OF WORKS: – […]

Roofing Cambridge – Flat Roof – Asbestos Garage Conversion – Trumpington

Asbestos Garage – Trumpington. Cambridge Roofers were asked to refurbish a series of leaking asbestos garage roofs in Trumpington by an existing customer. The customer was offered two options of either pressed steel sheeting or a single ply EPDM flat roof but selected a single ply solution. The asbestos was removed and disposed of to […]

Cambridge Flat Roofing – EPDM

Roofing Cambridge Cambridge Roofers were called out to assess a leaking flat roof clad in lead.  A series of infill constructions had resulted in new installations interfering with the functioning of the existing build-up.  The neighbouring property had built an extension into the existing gulley of the client leaving insufficient capacity for drainage. The solution […]

Roofing Cambridge – Cambridge Flat Roofing

Roofing Cambridge – Flat Roofing Cambridge Roofers were instructed to assess and recommend a solution to a leaking asbestos garage roof.  The client was offered a number of options but elected a single ply EPDM roof which required the construction of a supporting timber carcass along with the installation of new fascias and guttering.   […]

Metal Roofing – Cambridge

Metal Roofing Cambridge – The client requested a replacement for their failing asbestos roof.  Three solutions were offered to the client.  A replacement plasitsol-coated steel sheet solution or a timber carcas construction with either torch-on felt or EPDM rubber.  The customer decided that a coated steel cladding solution was best and opted for a juniper […]

Cambridge Flat Roofing – EPDM Rubber Roof – Houghton

Cambridge Flat Roofing – Cambridge Roofers were called out to leading flat roof in Houghton.  The customer was seeking a single-ply or EPDM flat roofing solution from the start so no other options were presented.  There was a drainage problem with the roof so timber firrings were suggested as measure to ensure sufficient ‘fall’ or […]

Cambridge Flat Roofing – 3 layer Felt Roof – Hauxton

Cambridge Roofers were called out to view the garage flat roof on a recently purchased property in South Cambridge. The surveyors report had suggested that the garage flat roof needs to be replaced. CR advised the customer that the roof was in serviceable condition but would need replacing within 1 – 3 years. Due to […]

EPDM flat roofing – St Ives

The customer called Cambridge Roofers out to inspect an old flat roof. The customer was advised that despite the roof being beyond its warranty period, that it was still in serviceable condition.  Having seen previous EPDM rubber flat roofs fitted by Cambridge Roofers, the customer elected to have insulation and a re-covering of EPDM along […]

Cambridge Flat Roofing – EPDM Rubber Roof

This was a existing client Gonville and Caius College Cambridge, contacted Cambridge roofers to recover a leaking torch-on felt roof with EPDM Rubber Roof. The roof was completed over several days.

Roofer in Cambridge – Slating – Balsham

Cambridge Roofers were called to a property in Balsham to survey the front of a property.  The customer requested a new fibre-cement slate roof covering.  The project was completed on July 16th 2016.

Roofers in Cambridge – EPDM Roofing

Cambridge Roofers were contacted by a customer in Landbeach, Cambridge whose rear extension felt flat roof needed replacing.  The existing parapet brickwork was in need of a facelift so coping stones were suggested as an improvement to the flat roof. The customer was aware of EPDM Roofing as a solution and requested a quotation for […]

Strip and re-roof & loft flooring – Cherry Hinton – Cambridge Roofers

Cambridge Roofers were contacted by the customer on recommendation, to provide a quotation for a roof renovation.  A quotation to strip and replace the roof in addition to a simple strip and re-felt was provided along with quotations for smaller ancillary roofing works.  The customer had an asbestos lean-to roof and requested timber decking to […]

Slate roof repairs – Cambridge Roofers

The customer had a leak above a loft hatch over a bathroom so Cambridge Roofers were called out.  There was an old glass skylight where the flashing had failed.  Due to imminent plans to extend the loft, the customer requested minor repairs to stop ingress until the major plans were carried out. It was recommended […]

Strip & Re-felt – Re-Roof Cambridge

An existing customer contacted Cambridge Roofers for a minor survey on their roof.  Cambridge Roofers identified significant water damage to the sarking felt beneath the tiles and recommended either a strip and re-roof or at the very least a strip and re-tile.  Due to the imminent sale of the property, the client elected for the […]

Roof Repairs Cambridge – Lead flashing

The Trumpington-based customer contacted Cambridge Roofers having noticed the artificial ‘lead-alternative’ flashing tape was beginning to lift.  Due to the scrap value of lead, some property developers and builders are favouring alternative materials to lead to avoid theft.  Unfortunately, the quality of these substitute roofing materials is sub-standard as you can see from the accompanying […]

EPDM Flat Roofing – Huntingdon – 20 year IBG

Cambridge Flat Roofing – EPDM Flat Roofing: The customer called Cambridge Roofers out to look at the flat roof on a commercial property because the existing shingled felt membrane had failed and was leaking into the premises below.   The initial survey showed the felt had failed in half a dozen places and the decking […]

Flat roofing, Stapleford – 3 layer felt, 15 year IBG

Cambridge Flat Roofing: The customer contacted Cambridge Roofers and requested advise on the best solution to fix their flat roof.  There was some confusion over triggering of part L1b of building regulations, and the need for insulation.  It was explained that over 50% of a roof covering must be renovated before the need to involve […]

Cambridge Flat Roofing, Stapleford – 3 LAYER FELT, 15 YEAR IBG

Stapleford Flat Roof, 15 year IBG. Cambridge Flat Roofing: The customer contacted Cambridge Roofers after recently purchasing a property in need of significant renovation.   This began with waterproofing a flat roof over the rear extension.  Cambridge Roofers operate with a 2 week lead-time for most flat roofs but in this emergency case, some sympathetic […]

Guttering, Soffits and Fascias & Minor repairs, Milton.

The client requested Cambridge Roofers to carry out a minor roof survey and provide a quote for Upvc Soffits, fascias and guttering to match the existing colour scheme and profiles.  Cambridge Roofers identified a some missing mortar from between ridge tiles on the gable return, several cracked tiles and the lead saddle in a valley […]

15 year IBG – 3 layer torch-on felt flat roof, Cambridge

The client called Cambridge Roofers because the two flat roofs on the property were leaking.  After an initial survey, Cambridge Roofers identified an asphalt covered roof with a disintegrating timber substrate that would not survive the stripping of the main surface.  The client was advised of three flat roof options including 10 year IBG (insurance-backed […]

EPDM Rubber Roof, Huntingdon, Cambridge

Brief: To re-cover the clients rear extension flat roof.  3 options were provided which included a 10 year IBG (Insurance-backed guarantee) torch-on felt, a 15 year IBG torch-on felt and the 20 year IBG EPDM ‘Rubber roof’.  The client explained that they planned to retire in the property and so a longer-term solution was recommended and so […]

EPDM – Rubber Roof – Cherry Hinton, Cambridge

  Brief:  To remove and dispose of corrugated asbestos garage roof and to supply and fit replacement EPDM rubber roof.

Winter Comfort – Cambridge Slate Roofing

Winter Comfort re-roof Brief: The management at Winter Comfort For the Homeless instructed Cambridge Roofers to strip and re-cover the slate roof to the main building and dining room. As part of a scheme to assist with charitable projects, Cambridge Roofers provided a small discount to labour costs and allowed Winter Comfort to provide pre-agreed […]

Cabin re-felt, Hardwick

Shed Re-Felt in Hardwick: Brief to provide a medium to long-term roofing solution to deteriorated Cabin flat roof. The customer was offered 3 solutions. A basic 10 year solution, a 15 year solution and a 20 year solution all with Insurance-backed guarantees. The customer opted for the 10 year solution. The work was carried out […]

New Slate Roof to Extension and main roof, Cambridge

Start date: 23/03/16 Completed: 10/05/16 Project duration: Approx 6 weeks Brief: To supply and fit 120m2 of slate roof coverings. Install a single ply EPDM box gutter and various lead detailing including a lead box gutter and solution for installing around existing construction of the main roof extension and rear extension. The customer required the expertise […]

Flat roof renovation, York street, Cambridge

Procedure involved stripping existing felt. Replacing water damaged decking. Lowering the inlet that was ‘sitting proud’ in the box gutter. An extra 4th layer of felt was applied to re-enforce the lining of the box gutter. Felt was applied right into the upstands of the window sill to make fully water tight. Client was provided […]

Slate Roof, Renovation, Fullborn

We carried out the slate roofing work to this new house for a local builder. We use 500mm x 250mm best quality ‘Contessa’ Spanish slates with concrete hips and ridges. The roof was completed to a high standard to everybody’s satisfaction.

Strip & Re-slate, Cherry Hinton

On this occasion we carried out a complete strip and re-slate using new very thick natural slates in keeping with the character of the original house. The owner of this Listed Building is a valued customer and has recommended us for many other projects locally.

Strip & Re-Slate, Fullborn

This fantastic property required stripping and re-slating. First, we removed all the existing slates and coverings and replaced timbers where necessary. We then slated the roof and hop kilns using a double-nailed and hook system to prevent future problems; following this, we replaced all lead box gutters, and flashings. The appearance of the natural slate […]

Strip & Re-Slate Roof, New Market

This roofing project consisted of a complete strip and re-slate using second hand slates. The main and lower roofs incorporated an all new lead roll hip, flashing and the renewal of gutters as required.

New Slate Roof, Ely

We completed the new slate roofs on these self-build projects of two imposing properties are located in a very sought-after area in south Cambridge. Cambridge Roofing used natural slates, large and small ridge, and traditional lead hips and felt roof to create a long-lasting roof with an impressive appearance.

Moss Removal & Tile Replacement, Waterbeach

Moss Removal & Tile Replacement, Waterbeach

Moss Removal, Trumpington

With the roof-sparing trowel and sweep method, we de-mossed this roof leaving a barely recognisable roof that looked fantastic. The completion of this work also prevented any further guttering blockage from moss which can cause quite serious damage to a property down the line. A very satisfying job.

Roof Renovation and Moss Removal, Fullborn

With the trowel and sweeping method, we cleared the moss from the lower and flat roofs of this home.

De-Moss Roof & Gutters, Chesterton

To preserve the condition of the existing tiles, we utilised the ‘towel and brush’ method to remove the moss from the roof and gutters of this property.

Strip and re-tile, Fulbourn

This client requested a complete strip and re-tile of the roof on this property. There was no chance to re-use the existing tiles due to bad lamination (degradation).We were contracted by a private customer to carry out a complete strip and re-tile of this property. The existing tiles were all discarded due to an extremely […]

Strip & Re-Tile Roof & Vertical Tiling, Girton

Phase 1& 2 – The vertical concrete tiles were removed and then disposed of, we then removed the original flat roof material, replacing it with a high-performance 3 layer felt system.Next the vertical hanging keymer tiles were installed with the attractive lead apron flashings. The next stage was to complete the vertical tile hanging in […]

Strip and re-tile Roofing, Cambridge

This was large strip and re-tile project. As spec-required addition, we installed counter-batten and insulation felt. Using Eternit Ashurst handcrafted clay plain tiles, the roof was re-tiled with all new fittings. In line with current LDA standards.We believe the client was extremely pleased with our work on this occasion.

Convent roof restoration, Ely

This beautiful period mansion was restored and converted into plush new apartments. Cambridge Roofers had the honour of completing all relevant roofing work from start to finish of the construction.

New tile roof, Cambridgeshire

The idillic rural setting for this stunning self-build was a real addition to it’s charm. Featuring vertical tile-hung dormer projections, it was tiled with a mix of hand-made Tudor tiles with bonnet hip and purpose-made valley tiles.

Strip and re-tile Roof, Cambridge

Using Tudor hand-made plain tiles, we stripped and re-tiled this property along with the relevant lead work and cement fillets with attractive stone features.

Strip and re-tile roof, Girton

This job came in as a referral. This a beautiful example of a listed building, requring complete removal of tiles. We had to source a few used tiles to retain the original feel of the structure and roof. The loft hatch and gutter were replaced along with renovating the barn doors.

New tile roof, Newmarket

This new timber framed house was tiled using Ashdowne tiles. We proceeded to felt, batten and tile over a four week period incorporating lead flashings and lead roll top dormer roofs. The vertical tile hanging now has feature bands and diamond patterns fitted, enhancing the property’s farmhouse style appearance. A great example of modern products!

Nursing home, Ely

We tiled the roof of this larger construction with Russell Galloway large concrete tiles to retain the look and feel of the building which is contemporary with simplistic gable aspects.

New Tile Roof, Cambridge

These were two of Cambridges more impressive properties: on these timber-framed homes we used Ashurst tiles and we clad the Keymer with hand-made tiles. We were really please the resulting feature lead work carried out on the doormer windows.

Replacement Gutters and Downpipes, Huntingdon

As well as a complete stripping and re-tilling, the property received completely new gutters and downpipes that attached to the original outlets.

Wooden Fascia Renovation, New Market

The client here requested a completely new roofline which mean replacing all soffits, fascias and guttering. The new replacement timber was stained to match the existing colour texture and finally the abutments were sealed with mastic.

Fascias, Soffits and Gutter Replacement, Chesterton

The old fascias and soffits were totally stripped off and replaced with new UPVC. The gutters were replaced but the existing downpipes remained.

Flat Roof Installation with parapet wall, Cambridge

The felt roof was stripped back, the rubbish taken and tiles of the abutment and parapet removed. A high-grade grey mineral felt was applied to the existing boarding. The pre-existing tiles and ridge tiles were re-bedded along with matching additional tiles needed sourced from reclaim where needed.

Strip & Re-Felt Roof, New Market Rd

The job required a complete strip and re-felt along with the re-feling of the dormer with an additional drip feature.

Strip & Re-Felt Roof, Girton

This adjoining flat roof was stripped, re-felted and along with the completion of the new abutment lead flashings. The long-standing leak had damaged the timber substrate meaning we replaced the damaged ones at at pre-agreed price per board.

Strip & Re-Felt Flat Roof, Cherry Hinton

This roof was fully stripped and re-felted, the existing garage tiles were removed to allow access to the faulty covering. The roof was then stripped back to the original timber substrate which was replaced where necessary with ply wood decking.Subsequently, a new optimal-performance 3-layer built-up felt covering. The new felt system included new drips, upstands […]

Removal & Re-Bedding of Ridgeline, Girton

We stripped the existing ridge line and re-bedded in place using 4:1 coloured mix of sand and cement. This work was enough to ensure the roof remains watertight for years to come.

Replacement Fascias, Soffits & Bargeboards, Waterbeach

Here we stripped off the ridge tiles along with fascias, soffits and barge boards. It was necessary to replace all timber work with new white UPVC on fascias, soffits and barge boards and to supply and fit new black half-round gutter and down pipes. We finally replaced all the ridge and verge tiles disturbed, making […]

GRP Valley Sheet Installation, Cherry Hinton – Cambridge

The works required removing the damaged roof valley and replacing it with a new glass reinforced plastic valley sheet system. We then made good all the existing tiles using a 4:1 coloured sand and cement mix.

Multiple Dormer & Pitch Roof Conversions, Ely

After processing the plans and administering the planning permissions and building regulations we commenced with the conversion. Using re-claimed or used tiles to blend with the existing coloration of the roof helped retain the character and charm of the property.

Flat to Pitch Garage Roof Conversion, Cambridge

The clients property was suffering from a dated and tire look from continuous and disjointed extended construction.The client requested a re-vamp that include transforming the porch and garage flat roofs into pitched roofs as well as repainting the property. The outcome can be viewed from the pictures and this transformation really speaks for itself and […]

Roof Window Replacement, Girton

The client requested the replacement of old disused wooden roof windows with beautiful velux skylights whilst repairing the surrounding leaking lead flashing.

Loft Conversion, Fullborn

A new felt dormer was constructed whilst the remaining slate roof was replaced with a complete renovation of the chimney stacks. Once planning permission and building regulations were approved, the property was revolutionised into a spacious three-storey Fulbourn home after just eight weeks of work. The work we completed transformed the living space for the […]

Porch & Garage Roof Conversion, New market

This particular project was a real collaboration with the client from start to finish. We were involved at the outset, from the first ideas stage all the way through to completion. The general look and feel of the house was transformed using white soffits and UPVC fascias with deep-flow, half-round white gutters and Redland Grovebury […]

Flat to Pitch Roof Conversion, Cambridge

This 70’s flat roof was totally transformed by converting the flat roof to a pitched roof vastly improving the ‘kerb appeal’ of the property whilst retaining is period charm. To ensure maximum durability, all timber was converted to plain vertical hanging tile or white UPVC. Simultaneously, the front extension was completed.

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