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At Cambridge Roofers, we don’t just believe in building strong roofs; we believe in building strong communities. This 2023-2024, we’re proudly putting our commitment into action by sponsoring a local football team. As we’ve always said,

Just as every roof protects a home, every goal protects a dream.”

Our Commitment

Football isn’t just a game—it’s about community, teamwork, and aspirations. It brings people together and teaches values that last a lifetime. This is why we, at Cambridge Roofers, resonate with the spirit of the game. By investing in our local teams, we are not just supporting sports but the dreams of many young and passionate individuals.

Meet the Team We're Sponsoring

Cambridge city u13 academy team

We’re elated to announce our official 2-year sponsorship of the Cambridge City U13 Academy Team. This 2-year commitment isn’t just about branding or name placement on jerseys. It’s about forging a partnership and being an active participant in the journey these young players embark upon. Over the course of our sponsorship, we aim to be present at matches, support training sessions, and perhaps even host community events to bring fans, families, and our customers closer to the action and the heart of the game.

a Message from our Company director

"Cambridge Roofers is not just your trusted roofing partner but a community member that believes in giving back. This year, let's cheer together, play together, and build stronger ties."
Sean Audley
Company director