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Unveiling the Factors Behind PVC Membrane Degradation on Flat Roofs

As the popularity of PVC membranes for flat roofs continues to grow in the construction industry, understanding the factors behind their degradation becomes paramount. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the realm of PVC membranes on flat roofs, exploring the elements and stresses that lead to deterioration. Gain valuable insights into the six primary reasons behind PVC membrane degradation and discover practical solutions to safeguard flat roofs from these challenges.


regular inspections

According to industry experts, regular inspections can increase the lifespan of PVC membranes by up to 30%. Implementing a routine inspection schedule helps detect signs of damage or potential issues early on, allowing for timely repairs and maintenance to prevent further degradation of PVC membranes.

Proper Maintenance

Keeping the flat roof clean and debris-free is essential to prevent moisture retention. Regular removal of leaves, branches, and debris that obstruct drainage or promote the growth of algae or moss can help slow down degradation. Proper maintenance, including keeping the flat roof clean and debris-free, can help extend the lifespan of the roof by up to 15 years.

UV Protection

Applying UV-protective coatings or reflective paints designed for PVC membranes can significantly reduce polymer chain breakdown caused by UV rays and extend the lifespan of the membrane by up to 20%.

Adequate Drainage

It is a widely recognised fact within the construction and roofing industry that proper drainage is crucial for the longevity and performance of PVC membranes. Ensuring effective drainage systems are in place prevents water pooling, which can degrade PVC membranes over time. Maintaining proper drainage channels minimises the risk of degradation.


Avoid Foot Traffic

Limiting unnecessary foot traffic on flat roofs reduces stress and potential damage to PVC membranes. Establish clear guidelines for roof access and educate individuals about exercising caution to protect the membrane.

Professional Maintenance

Engaging experienced roofing contractors specialising in PVC membrane maintenance can help extend the lifespan of flat roofs by up to 25%. Periodic inspections, necessary repairs, and expert guidance contribute to prolonging the lifespan of flat roofs.

At Cambridge Roofers, we are both maintenance and refurbishment specialists, as well as flat roof PVC membrane installers. We understand that your flat roof is a significant investment that requires careful attention and protection against degradation. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring the long-lasting performance of your flat roof through our comprehensive maintenance and refurbishment services.

When it comes to PVC membrane installations, we follow a meticulous process that includes thorough surface preparation, primer application for improved adhesion, careful installation of the membrane with proper alignment and positioning, secure bonding using specialised adhesive, and meticulous sealing and detailing to ensure a watertight seal. Our experienced professionals conduct rigorous quality control inspections to guarantee flawless installation.

By choosing Cambridge Roofers, you can be confident that your PVC membrane flat roof will receive expert care and protection. Don’t let degradation compromise the integrity of your investment.

Contact us today at 01223 782382 or email us at to discover how we can make a difference in safeguarding your flat roof for years to come.

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