Bridging lives and businesses.

Every business owner's dream is to hire the best individual to delegate time-consuming tasks without breaking the bank, right?

We will help you find a great find that will help you grow your business while saving up to 78% of operating cost!

How We Can Help You

Running a small business often requires wearing multiple hats. We used to have clients who are emotionally drained and mentally exhausted by running their businesses on their own. Moreover, scaling your business becomes unattainable.


Below are four ways you can use Great Finders :


How You Work With Us

Who We Are


Fill-in the client-intended questionnaire


Review the initial shortlisted candidates.


Meet the final list of candidates and choose your great find!

We started with a core mission to help small business owners who are swamped by work and are compromising personal and family time just to keep the business going.

Similarly, we want to provide employment opportunities to aspiring Filipino virtual assistants to earn a good decent amount of money without leaving the country.

We are driven to help others to succeed and bring together people from different walks of life to accomplish greater things!

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