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Your Trusted Flat Roofing Experts

Cambridge Roofers – Your Trusted Flat Roofing Experts. Top-quality installations, repairs, and refurbishments for your home and business. Contact us today for a secure and durable roof solution.


Welcome to Cambridge Roofers, where flat roofing is not just a service but a passion we’ve cultivated through years of dedicated work. Our reputation as a dependable service provider stretches across residential and commercial sectors in Cambridge and the neighbouring areas.

We pride ourselves on our meticulous approach to delivering outstanding installation, refurbishment, and repair services. Our mission is to address your unique needs promptly and professionally, minimising any disruptions to your routine.

Whether you are considering a new installation or seeking to revamp your existing flat roof, trust us to provide steadfast and secure solutions. Experience the transformative impact our expertise can have on your property. Reach out today for a comprehensive flat roofing consultation.

Why Choose Us

Decades of Roofing Excellence

With over two decades of collective roofing experience, we guarantee unmatched expertise in every project.

Craftsmanship Assured

Our team of certified installers brings an unparalleled level of craftsmanship.

Safety First, Always

With our dedicated Health and Safety consultant, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of health and safety in every roofing endeavor.

Professional Certifications

Experience the pinnacle of roofing craftsmanship, supported by our team's industry-recognised certifications.

Our Flat roofing services

We understand that a flat roof represents a significant investment. Therefore, we personalise our approach to meet your specific requirements. Our experts assess each project individually, recommending the most economical yet effective solutions to ensure optimum value.

Recognising that no single roofing solution suits every scenario, we emphasise the skill and proficiency of our installers. We offer a diverse range of flat roofing systems, including single-ply, torch-on felt, and various liquid systems, catering to varying budgets and preferences.

To uphold our commitment to excellence, we continually train our roofers in the latest techniques, setting us apart from other flat roofing entities in Cambridge and guaranteeing unparalleled service for our clientele.


When it's time for a new flat roof, our skilled technicians will assess your property, recommend the best-suited roofing system, and ensure a seamless installation for maximum durability and performance.


If your existing flat roof needs a facelift, our refurbishment services will breathe new life into it. We'll address any issues, upgrade materials, and make necessary improvements to enhance its longevity and efficiency.



Leaks and damages can compromise the integrity of your flat roof. Our prompt repair services will swiftly address any issues, preventing further damage and securing your property from potential water ingress

If you need replacement or repair then Cambridge Roofers Ltd can provide professional and genuine advice to help you fulfill your flat roofing needs.

If you're a homeowner in Cambridge looking for reliable and professional flat roofing services, look no further than Cambridge Roofers. We are committed to providing top-quality service at competitive prices.

Contact us today to schedule your flat roofing assessment and see the difference our team of experts can make for your home.