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As time progressed our skills and expertise were shared with the apprentices we employed to build up the company that you now see before you. With vast experience, a large array of customers and an excellent track record, we provide roofing solutions for residential and commercial customers both in Cambridge and further afield.

We genuinely have a passion for precision when it comes to attending to customers needs. We guarantee that your needs are met as professionally and swiftly as possible whilst ensuring disruption is kept to a minimum.

George Sugden

Managing Director


Metal Roofing Cambridge – Saffron Walden

Metal Roofing Saffron Walden Cambridge Roofers were contacted by the client (Adnams Wine Merchant) to undertake an investigation of ongoing ingress occurring through the roof of the premises. A site inspection revealed a tired and almost dilapidated asbestos corrugated roof with numerous age-related cracks across the surface area. It was deemed to be past its […]

Metal Roofing Cambridge – Euroclad Vieo System – Soham

Metal Roofing Cambridge – The client contacted Cambridge Roofers Ltd to advise and supply a quotation for the best possible roofing system to achieve the visual finish depicted in the architect’s drawings. After some deliberating and exchanges, it was decided that a coated steel standing seam would offer a similar performance specification of 25 years […]

Roofing Cambridge – EPDM Flat Roof – Camside

Roofing Cambridge – OBSERVATIONS: Cambridge Roofers were contacted by Pocock and Shaw estate agents to investigate ingress in a property at Camside in Cambridge. The ingress is entering through a ceiling light of the front porch. The flat roof above was clad in asphalt and had failed. RECOMMENDATIONS / PROPOSED WORKS: Cambridge Roofers proposed to refurbish […]

Cambridge Roofing – Flat Roof – EPDM – Hills Road

Cambridge Roofing – Cambridge Roofers were contacted by an existing client to assess and advise on the refurbishment of their dilapidated double garage roof.  Having used Cambridge Roofers before to install an EPDM roof, they opted for our 25-year EPDM Firestone System. New timber joists, fascias and guttering were also installed.

Roofing Cambridge – Pitched to Flat Roof Conversion

Roofing Cambridge – OBSERVATIONS: There are two adjoining sections of roof on the property that were inspected. A garage flat roof which intersects with a mono-pitch ‘lean-to’ roof that covers the porch area. The garage roof comprises a bituminous mineral felt with pre-fabricated steel joists and ‘stramit’ boards form the substrate. The roof had clearly […]

Roofing Cambridge – Slating

ROOFING CAMBRIDGE: OBSERVATIONS: Through a recommendation, Cambridge Roofers were contacted to undertake roofing works on Isaacson road. The property originally had Stonewold Mark II concrete interlocking tiles. The client was interested in changing the appearance of the roof to slates. At a pitch of 18 degrees, the roof could not accommodate most slates so a large […]

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